Ryan Gauld FIFA 14 Player Review

Gauld medal for Ryan? Rating: 7/10 - Position CAM - Formation 4231-2 - By virtualninjaz

Squad: http://www.futhead.com/14/squads/3011644/

Let me start off by saying that Ryan Gauld is one of my favourite players in real life and I hope he comes to Liverpool and becomes the 'next Messi' he is seen as by his teammates. Anyway, this is a review on his FIFA 14 IF card.

Chemistry style: Deadeye
NOTE: Gauld was always played on 10 chem and with 93+ fitness.

His card stats are:
87 Pace- 8/10 Felt about right. With 93 acceleration and 'only' 85 sprint speed he does feel slower than when you first startt running with him. Also his strength and height are an issue as it feels as though he could be running much, much quicker but is being held back.
73 Dribbling-11/10 NO! NOT AT ALL! Honestly he is my 4th best dribbler this game ( Ronadinho1st, Kampl IF 2nd, Coutinho 3rd) although I haven't tried Ronaldo, Ribery, Robben, Messi, Ibra etc. The ball is glued to his feet. I'm going to ignore his in-game stats as I feel they do no justice to him.
56 Shot- 4/10 Meh. Not a guy I took shots with expecting to score. He scored 4 in 18 games. 5* weak foot helped in certain places but the only thing that is going to make his shot better is an attribute card unfortunatley. Even with the Deadeye chemistry style his shot felt bad.
33 Defending- N/A No comment as I did not defend with him.
64 Passing- 8/10 WOW! The stat I was most surprised by. He got a huge passing upgrade, +10 in fact which is amazing, although 64 passing still isn't great... But honestly It felt like 84! He made some of the best diagonals I'd ever seen. He made 24 assists in 18 games as well as some key passes to create chances.
47 Heading- 3/10 For effort only. What did I expect? A bad header of the ball. What did I get? Someone who tries really, really, really hard to head it... but never did. I seriously don't remember him winning me single header. Also he was very weak (I think heading comes under strength) but he was really agile so that made up for it.

So, to conclude, Ryan Gauld is a great Bronze player. He even stood out as one of only two bronzes in a BSG. But no way is he worth the 225 000 coins I payed for him :(

I love Ryan Gauld but I am not willing to pay that much for him sadly. If you'd like to try him out then by all means do so. Just remember he is only going to get cheaper though.

87 PAC
56 SHO
64 PAS
73 DRI
33 DEF
47 HEA

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